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May 7, 2016 · IBD or IBS - That is the Question

I had Ulcerative Colitis for many years and it was under control with medication then in May 2014 I had a pacemaker put in. Months later I started bleeding and was told they did not want to put me on a blood thinner while I was bleeding I bleed for four months and then I stopped. I went to see my Gastroenterology & my Cardiologist and was told with Ulcerative Colitis they wouldn’t put me on blood thinners but are concerned I will have a stroke so they had me see a Dr. about a Detecting Blood Coagulation On-Chip.
No one seems to know too much about this and I am very uncomfortable with this procedure and was told I would have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days so they can monitor me.
I am sure others have my condition and there are other solutions.
I will be 77 years old in October,

Any advise you can give me would be appreciated. Desperate, thank you.



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