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Nov 28, 2015 · Infliximab Therapy for Pediatric IBD Patients

My 19 yr old son. (Birthday was Thanksgiving) had been on remicaid for little over a year. He’s told Dr. At last 2 appts. He feels its not working. His anal fistulas have not changed and even abcest about 10 days in office before next infusion. His last infusion should have been on 11-10-2015. But occasional fevers sent him home without it. 5 wks. 4 ER visits. A lung Dr. Sent him for yet another EKG. Then back again to AI Dupont. He couldnt breath lay flat and has chest pain that started in 1 spot in his chest. Spread and moved highest fever was 103. When Dr. In ER finally showed us it was pneumonia i broke down crying because alls we were told is he had fluid in between lungs and ribs. Not enough to drain or cause such pain. He still has not recieved his infusion. Im worried because the only Dr hes ever seen for this only looked at his labs and said hes fine. He did not seam to listen to his concerns. Now the Dr. Only said he was aware of his admittance to AI. And we have no idea what to do between Dr. And having these problems. Its not right. As soon as my son started saying he felt like it was not working the Dr seamed to turn a deft ear now using his age to push him out. I was told he could be seen till age 21 for this problem while he had infusions. Does anyone know how this will effect him?

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