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Sep 20, 2018 · IBD or IBS - That is the Question

I have suffered since my 30s and I'm now 65 with swelling of the abdomen pain and just all-around miserable when it comes to eating. But it doesn't just end with that when I'm stressed out like for example I have a family member dying right now, and I have an adopted daughter that is mentally ill in a facility so my stomach seems to be bloated every single day. My ribs dig into my stomach. I have constipation chronic along with PKD which is polycystic kidney disease so I'm limited on medication that I can take. I have tried taking antidepressants hoping that it would help my belly from swelling so big whenever I'm upset to no avail. I don't enjoy eating out which is something that I've always enjoyed before but now I know that if I go out to eat I'm going to be so miserable that after 5 minutes I'll be full and I'll be bloated and feel like crying because I'm so miserable. I have been admitted to the hospital after passing out in my home when I had a severe pain and like a blockage where I couldn't have a bowel movement. Before passing out I had the sense to pick up the phone and dial nine-one-one but couldn't speak as I passed out and I woke up to my dog licking my face and banging on my door. I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days bleeding the whole time with some kind of a white spots in the blood and I was told that it was a nice emic colitis attack. They didn't have a gastrologist doctor on hand and wanted to transfer me to another hospital 25 miles away but I was scared as they were telling me that I might need surgery and blood transfusions and then getting mad at me because I seem to be anxiety. So I declined after they had given me fluids and antibiotics for the 5 days and went home with someone taking care of me. Then I couldn't get in to see a doctor for a month later and when I did he just stared at me and said there's nothing they can do for that type of colitis. I try to be my own advocate as I've had polycystic kidney disease since my early 30s but I get the run around whenever it comes to my intestinal problems. My last colonoscopy they removed a small cancerous cell and I was told to come back in 5 years but they still couldn't give me any answers to why I'm miserable every single day of my life with my swelling of my belly and the chronic pain that I go through. I have arthritis also and I'm My Own Advocate on that also as I can't take inflammatories because of the kidneys. I guess I'm not on here to complain because I'm not a complainer I'm on here to see if there's anybody else that has suffered any of these problems and can either recommend a physician that will take my my intestinal problems serious as my mother had a colostomy bag I'm not sure why as it was never explain to me why she had to have one but I don't want to get to that stage without trying my best to get help. So anybody at all that has suffered they say with irritable bowel, that I have seen others with irritable bowel and their belly does not blow out so large that you can't sit or stand without being so miserable. I don't know what kind of doctor to go to I do have insurance with Medicare and a supplement but I need to find someone that will take me serious before I do end up having a colostomy bag. I know that people live okay with them but I'm scared to death of them and I feel like why should I have to get to that point without someone finding out what my problems are before it is too late. I have a lot of issues I realize that but the biggest one is not knowing what's wrong with my stomach. After the colitis attack that colonoscopy doctor told me that after the exam that my intestines were shrinking. What the heck is that mean,? I don't get any answers there either. I realize that so many people have problems getting answers as I've lived it for so long. Any suggestions at all will be appreciated. God bless

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