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Aug 23, 2015 · Fecal Transplants for Ulcerative Colitis?

Excellent video.
Please note: Because the average American has lost 40% of the diversity of their microbiome, this has to be remembered when we design clinical trials. It’s going to skew results if we don’t try our best to transplant the most diverse microbiome possible, a microbiome that hasn’t been already decimated by medications or antibioitcs. Diversity has been closely associated with good health. Glen Taylor is using samples from several different donors, for successive infusions, I would expect in the aim of delivering a more diverse microbiome. But, it seems obvious we need to do better than this. Perhaps foreign students that are at our universities, have better microbiomes with no exposure to antibiotics ? Amish ? Navajo Indians ?

Plus, because many of the microbes in the large intestine are anaerobic, the handling of the donor sample is also critical to the outcome. Kill many of the bacteria by a spinning metal blade, and you also incorporate air which kills even more bacteria. The point is: it is critical to maintain the health of the entire microbiome that is trying to be transplanted. Dr. Borody uses a ‘stomachizer’ to handle the sample, thus eliminating exposure to air, which appears to be on the correct path. He also uses a special antibiotic to knock down the bad bacteria before the procedure, and does an exceptional clean-out too.

At this point for IBD the correct approach may be to start off using 12 different infusions. If that works, then the number can be reduced, with the aim of finding out how many infusions are needed. It’s not wise to assume that one or two transplants are all that is needed to establish this new community of helpful bacteria, after all, the microbiome takes 3 years to be established in an infant, so why do we assume that one or two infusions will establish it ? Removing possible inflammation producing foods from the diet such as gluten and red meat, may also play a role in the treatment of IBD.

Autism has been reversed. MS has been reversed. Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depression reversed. When will the clinical trials be started here in the US ?
How about Fibromylasia, Lupus, Hay Fever-(nasal microbiome transplant), and Cancer (an FMT after the chemotherapy) ? How about breast milk to reverse lactose intolerance ?(research also shows that the bacteria in the vagina, before birth, helps the infant to digest breast milk) and also breast milk is doing much to establish the microbiome in the infant too.

If you have studied the latest microbiome research, then you already know that it plays a very huge role in our health. Future clinical trials, for all medications will take baseline tests for the microbiome, as well as blood, and other tests. We simply cannot continue to ignore the possible damage we are doing to the microbiome, by the medications we prescribe.

For Heaven’s sake, please get the word out to all MDs that have pregnant patients and educate them as to what antibiotics are doing to the developing microbiome in the first 3 years of life. Pediatricians too. We have to stem the tide against Autism. It’s right here.

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