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IBD and the School Day: Tips for Parents and Children

By Brent Westra @brentwestra

Jeanne Tung, M.D., discusses helpful tips for parents and children that aim to minimize the impact of IBD on school experience.

Among these tips are:

  • Work with your child's teacher, principal, nurse, and phy-ed teacher, to create 504 plan that will allow for special accommodations during the school day.
  • In this 504 plan, be sure to include items like bathroom privileges, school hours, physical education, and testing accommodations.
  • Send an extra set of clothing that your child can keep in their backpack, locker, or with the school nurse.
  • Make sure your child is staying well-hydrated, especially during flares.
  • Children need extra calories when going through a flare, so send nutritious, yet high-calorie, snacks with your child.
  • Involve your child in this process! It's their body and they need to feel in control of what is going on.

Dr. Tung is a pediatric gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic specializing in the care and evaluation of patients with IBD.

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