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April 19, 2016

IBD or IBS – That is the Question

By Kanaaz Pereira

Many people are confused between two distinct gastrointestinal disorders: inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Dr. Jean Fox, M.D., gives us a primer on the key differences, and similarities, between IBD and IBS.

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Dr. Fox is a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic.

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Posted by @ataloss, May 7, 2016

I had Ulcerative Colitis for many years and it was under control with medication then in May 2014 I had a pacemaker put in. Months later I started bleeding and was told they did not want to put me on a blood thinner while I was bleeding I bleed for four months and then I stopped. I went to see my Gastroenterology & my Cardiologist and was told with Ulcerative Colitis they wouldn’t put me on blood thinners but are concerned I will have a stroke so they had me see a Dr. about a Detecting Blood Coagulation On-Chip.
No one seems to know too much about this and I am very uncomfortable with this procedure and was told I would have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days so they can monitor me.
I am sure others have my condition and there are other solutions.
I will be 77 years old in October,

Any advise you can give me would be appreciated. Desperate, thank you.



Kanaaz Pereira

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Posted by @kanaazpe, May 13, 2016

“We cannot give medical advice over the Internet but suffice it to say that patients who need anti coagulation for cardiac issues are prescribed these and just more closely monitored.”–Dr. Sunanda Kane, M.D.

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